When I wrote this novel, I tried to make it as historically accurate as possible within the confines of fiction and fantasy. Here are some of the more “unique” incidents that really happened (though not necessarily exactly as I portrayed them in the book), and links to more information on them.

Train wreck of the Shakamaxon and Aramingo on July 17, 1856.

Lieutenant Mosby charging an entire company of Yankees by himself. Here is the link to the full book, The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby.

Burning train plunging off bridge into the Chickhominy River on June 29, 1862

The capture of Jeb Stuart’s hat at Verdiersville on August 18, 1862. This version says that Mosby was a captain at this time, though I read here that “By this time [summer of ’62], still without commission, he was accepted at Stuart’s headquarters as a sort of courtesy officer, and generally addressed as “Captain” Mosby. Stuart made several efforts to get him commissioned, but War Department red tape seems to have blocked all of them.” Perhaps that is why Star was confused as to his rank, because his last official rank was that of 1st Lieutenant.

Averell’s bag of coffee for Fitzhugh Lee at the Battle of Kelly’s Ford on March 17, 1863.

Battle at Brinkerhoff’s Ridge on July 2, 1863. It was the 3rd Pennsylvania that assisted the 10th New York, but the 4th Penn was close by. I swapped the regiments around for the sake of the story.

Fight at the Lewis Farm on March 29, 1865. While Anne, Eliza, and Will Lewis are my own creations, the Lewis farm was a real place. According to their regimental history,the 4th Pennsylvania did take part in this battle (though it was Company C, not Company F).